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June 6, 2012

Hey peeps! As I mentioned on the Facebook page I've been incredibly busy the last few days with a few different projects and the busy-ness is not abating in the next few days. So! Today's post, probably the only one this week, will be a place for sharing what you've been reading and thinking about.

Can we beat diabetes via surgery without focusing on weight loss? Apparently we can! A very interesting story from MSNBC. 

A very recent (May 2012) report connects food and physical activity to chronic disease in Canada. There's a lot of data here, some pretty solid, but I'm concerned that a lot of the sponsors of this report are Big Food companies.

This fat-shaming monstrosity of a story came on my radar last week via The Mirror, a UK paper, and I don't know what to say except that the system HAS failed Georgia, and it's not because she's FAT. Trigger warning for all kinds of garbage in that one!

For all the geeks out there, you *have* to read this adorable story about a 5 year old's random meeting with the Avengers. You will squee, I guarantee it. <3

A brief baby-bump update; saw my midwife team on Monday morning and all is looking pretty good. R recommends a chiropractor for the nerve problem in my leg but I don't know if I'll be able to afford it if we have to pay up front. Katherine is 29 weeks this week, going into the 3rd trimester, and is still regularly playing soccer with my innards. Some interesting and for me, vital, information came to light at that meeting about Gabe's delivery-apparently I *did* hemorrhage after his delivery and they had to give me some pretty strong drugs to stop it. That explains why I was so tired and weak for so long afterwards and why he spent time in the NICU-I wasn't able to care for him. The notes in my chart are vague, and R thinks there's a deliberate typo in regards to how much blood I actually lost because the drug they gave me they dont' normally give for that little amount. The number isn't so important to me, but knowing that *something* did happen, allows me to continue to move forward towards Katherine's delivery with a fresh perspective and less fear.


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