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Facts are Bullshit

May 24, 2012

Who needs facts when you've got prejudice and 'common sense' on your side? Obviously not this guy. Trigger warning for diet and weight loss talk, classism and fatphobia. A conversation courtesy of an image on Facebook on a friend's wall. The D00D is not my friend, thankfully, but a friend of a friend.

Me: Besides crap food being more readily available and cheaper than the nutrtional stuff, obesity is a 70% inheritable trait. Fat kids likely have fat parents and other close family.

D00D: buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullshit. fat kids are fat because they eat crap and dont excersise. 70% inheritable through lifestyle perhaps, but dont give me the genealogy thing here.

Me: Call buuuuullshit all you want, I'll show you the NYT article that quotes the study, buddy. The calories in/calories out, fat just because of diet argument wont fly with me, because IT is bullshit. I strongly recommend you read this article and educate yourself before you further embarass yourself on V's facebook wall. (Fatstronauts 101 by Melissa McEwan at Shakesville)

D00D: so let me get this straight, you dont think that a dramatic change in the types and style of food consumption, coupled with the dramatic changes in our lifestyle habits has much to do with the rampant obesity in children? kids are fat asses today because they traded home cooked staples full of vitamins and nutrients for quick fix costco ready made meal, and thats when they are not eating at McDonalds. they traded in exercise in the streets with their friends for wii tennis and world of warcraft. they traded in moderate eating habits for eating massive amounts of food because it gives them something to do during their sedentary, boredom filled day. Im tired of hearing politically correct reasons for why our new generations are failing biologically and cognitively - it is of our own construct and it is time we take ownership of it. put down the fries and pick up some greens... and do some sit ups - problem solved.

Random Friend: Yay! Classism and fatphobia! MY FAVESIES! (I had to 'like' her comment because damn, spot on.)

Me: "put down the fries and pick up some greens... and do some sit ups - problem solved" LOL FOREVER. If there was a guaranteed way to make fat people thin, we'd be all over that, but there isn't, so the diet and weight loss industries get to keep making billions of dollars a year off of fat people's insecurity and the OMGOBESITYEPIDEMIC!!!! 95% of diets fail, and I'm not talking the fad diet kind. Every time someone diets, 95% of the time the weight comes back with friends. D00D, did you even read the entire article? Noone is saying that some people aren't fat because of poor diet and/or bad excersise habits. My point is, and same with the article, is that it's a much more complicated situation, and 'put down the french fries and go run some laps' is not, and has never been, the solution. If it WAS there wouldn't be a fat person on the planet-there are no social, emotional or mental benefits from being fat. Many fat folk would trade their existance of constant ridicule and mockery in a heartbeat if simply moving more and eating less would do the trick. IT DOESN'T.
Sorry, V, but your buddy there obviously has no idea what he's talking about and while he's entitled to his own opinions, he's not entitled to his own facts.

(I posted up a couple of more links to data and such, hoping he'd either read and change his mind (HA!) or at least shut up gracefully, but to no avail.)

D00D: no i did not read the article fully. in fact, i did not read it at all. i didnt read it for the same reason i wouldnt read christian science articles explaining away fossil records of dinosaurs. because its bullshit. kids are fatter than ever, and its not because of genes. and yes, there is a miracle cure - diet and exercise. and no, not everybody would jump on it because it implies work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. putting down french fries and doing laps is definitely a solution, and one that works a hell of a lot better than accepting a false fact that you are per-disposed to being fat and then eating whatever the hell you want. lets put it this way - there were no fat cave men, in developing nations where food is not scarce and an active lifestyle is had there is very low levels of obesity.

Me: Your need to hang on to your own prejudices in the face of evidence is telling. I'm sad for you. Since you wont bother to educate yourself, this convo is indeed over.

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