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FaNA Featured at SheKnows!

July 17, 2012

Guess who's one of She Knows 10 Canadian health and fitness bloggers featured on Monday? That's right, Fat and Not Afraid! Very exciting, though a little odd to be in the same grouping as several obvious weight-loss = health blogs. The post they focused on was one from back in December wherin I pondered the mysteries of leggings and examined my short-comings when it comes to fatshion. Many thanks still to Fat Heffalump on that one, illuminating body policing and what it really means to make our own choices when it comes to what we cover our skins in. In any case, welcome any new readers! You may be interested in the About Me section as it gives a pretty good picture as to what this blog is about; fat acceptance, health at EVERY size, combating the myths and highlighting the realities surrounding the childhood obesity 'epidemic', and a lot more.

In other, non fat acceptance/health at every size news, my midwife appointment Monday morning was a little disappointing-looks like Kat has turned about and is now in the same position Gabe was. This has made me anxious all day as Ry and I have agreed that I can probably handle anything this baby throws at me, as long as it isn't another marathon back-labour. Still, I have 5 weeks to go and that's plenty of time to get her to move; my midwife recommends swimming, belly down, as much as possible, and sitting on the edges of things in order to create room at the front instead of in the back. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I'll have a post up about a friend's Etsy shop, a nifty, green-centered, up-cycled spot called ThistleBud Designs.

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