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Fat Babies Under Attack

December 2, 2012
Time Magazine's Alexandra Sifferin has an article up at the moment highlighting a new formula for predicting obesity, starting with infants and trying to determine which ones are at the highest risk of ending up deathfat obese. Anything that purports to be quick and easy makes me go "You lazy bastards." And I'm not wrong to think so.Chubby baby is chubby. Got a problem with that?

There are a couple of things funny with this new formula and the researcher's thinking right off the bat. First of all, it's sexist. The formula *only* looks at the mother's employment and/or work habits because hey, it's still the 1950's and only women make the meals for the family. No? No. Hell no. Whether or not mommy is home every night to make fresh-from-scratch home cooking isn't nearly as important as the genetic factor when it comes to being fat. But you can't control a person's genetics or analyze them easily, so the study goes for low-hanging fruit like the cooking thing, whether or not mom smoked during pregnancy, the parent's BMIs (at least that's something), number of people in the household and the baby's birth weight.

I was going to try and really dig deeper into this article but my brain fell out due to baby-induced exhaustion, so instead I bring you my convo with Fat Fox about it:

 I'm trying to write a blog post but my brain is mush.

  uh oh. whats it about?
  My sister sent me an article that purports to have found a new, easy to use forumla, for predicting obesity in babies.
no wonder your brain is mush
It uses 5 factors; parent's bmi, whether or not mom smoked during pregnancy, whether or not the mom works/how much she works (I'm not sure which), number of people in the house, and the baby's actual birth weight. Yeah. Also, Kat fussed ALL DAY.
Cool - maybe it will be the start of the new eugenics formula to rid the world of the fat scourge
bummer about Kat - - that can drive a person nutty bananas!
No kidding. You can't control the obesity genetics...oh wait, yes you can! Just make sure fat people don't breed! 70% of the problems with obesity will disappear (along with 70% of the fat people).
well, there are some skinny people who have fat kids - what do we do then?corporal punishment for the parents and death to the kid
problem solved
obviously. And the parents can't go and have any more kids. They might get FAT.
zomg no. Well we should also kill the poor too, since you know, statistically they have a higher probability of being fat
*nod* and the minorities. They're poor AND fat.
hahaha just kill all non-white non-millionaires
*nodnod* OF COURSE! It all makes so much sense!
Dude. we are genius world problem solvers! So is the blog post a bunch of random letters from you banging your head on the keyboard?
But we're both also dead at the end of this scenario. It's ok, FOR THE GREATER GOOD.
alkfja;lfjad; alwoeaifjwef

Glad I could help you process that lovely bit of science.


We need these new obesity prediction formulas because we simply don't shame fat mothers enough these days, eh?

Gotta scare 'em out of reproducing, and shame them if they actually manage it anyhow.


I am a fat mom married to a fat dad and all three of my babies were above average weight.

Baby no. 1 pooped meconium like there was no tomorrow after her official birth weight was taken. Should all the poop count? What should I have done to prevent her from having shameful fat poop at her weigh-in?

Baby no. 2 was so round and chubby and foldy and dimpled that we nicknamed her Winston Churchill. Instead of freaking out about my fat mommy breastmilk making her even more deathfatz, our doctor advised me to let her wiggle and crawl as much as she wanted and she would stretch out as she grew. Which she did. I can count her ribs now if she stretches her arms up high, but OMG her face is still round! And she has a tummy OMG OMG! Should I put her on a diet?

Baby no. 3 had big broad shoulders and plenty of muscle. He has always been at the 85th percentile for height and weight and very strong for his size. At 2 years old, he eats like a horse; his first and last waking requests are for food and most of his conversations in between are about food as well. OMG OMG OMG HIS MUSCLES AND BONES ARE MAKING HIM FAAAAAT!

It's all so stupid!

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Winston Churchill :D

Agreeing with all of you. It does sound eerily 1950's-1960's ish. They don't even TRY to make it sound less misogynist: mother's employment habits?? A reminder that the 'isms' work as a team: sexism, sizeism, classism...Thanks for posting.



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