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Fat Friend goes for MRI, gets Verbally Abused

August 4, 2011

Trigger warning for anti-fat rhetoric, fat hate, hospital visit

A couple I know, M and E, had to go to the hospital yesterday in the town I used to live in. E, who is already deeply uncomfortable of the MRI, is fat. So is her partner, M. E had been mostly sedated before the MRI procedure began, but I'm sad to report that (apparently yet again) she was forced to deal with a fat-hating MRI tech. I quote from M's Facebook page:

(he) Took every single opportunity he had to tell her that she was "Too fat and too big to do certain things in the machine" and that i should expect it to be warm because there's not much room for someone like me in that machine. "people like her are too big, that she gained weight since the last time" but i must tell everyone she actually lost 10 lbs!

M: after saying it would be too tight putting the vest on her, he put the vest on her and shoved her in and out of the machine before her sedation so she was having a panic attack. Then at the end he pulled the IV out so fast and hard to ensure maximum bleeding. P.S. it's like pulling teeth to get a wheelchair in there. Not to mention that a 1 hour test lasted nearly (went in at 11am, didn't get out till 1:45pm) 3 hours!

E chimed in a little later:

  • We'll give them a call once everything has worn off, but we'll write it all down as not to forget. and I'll let them know how he had been previously also. I mean, I'm already so frightened about my MRI and he shrugs off my questions and is just mean. The first time I had a hard time doing the MRI, he stormed off to lunch and let someone else deal with me. After telling me that he can't go and fix the machine to make it suitable for people like me. 
    He was so careful not to actually say FAT, he said big, large, weight, gained, people like you, etc.

They've both given me permission to blog about this and I'm proud to say that many of our mutual friends chimed in not only with comments of love and support, but also with actual steps they can take to report the MRI tech to the hospital's board. M and E's rights as patients were severely violated by this jackass and I'm looking forward to hearing in the future that his unprofessional and fat-hating self was chastised! 

If you'd like to leave a note here for M or E it would be appreciated.

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