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Fat Girls Go To A Restaurant

December 11, 2012
I caught this story via MSNBC:

"Christina Duran and two of her friends went out for girls' night at Chilly D's Sports Lounge, but things quickly turned sour when, they claim, they were presented with their bill at the Stockton, California. casino. The group had been labeled by their server as “fat girls” on their receipt, resulting in a viral customer service nightmare for the establishment, and embarrassment for the young women."

It's hard to imagine the level of embarassment and humiliation those girls experienced at the hands of this male server (why am I not surprised it was a guy?), but I know many of my readers don't have to imagine it, they've lived it; the looks, the smirks, the whispered comments as your food arrives and people around you judge what you've ordered, nevermind what your server is thinking. And they ARE thinking it, at least some of them-if doctors and nurses have weight bias, I can bet you that your waiter or waitress has it too. And the restaurant manger's apology hasn't made things much better. I wouldn't accept it because the way it's worded it sounds like he's just covering his ass because he knows he's losing business. What do you think? Check out his response via their Facebook page and leave me a comment.

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