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Fatness and Rob Ford from Shameless Magazine

July 28, 2011

Too awesome NOT to share. Please go read the rest and share widely.

Let me tell you something: I am fat.

I am fat, and I am right here when you say that Rob Ford would do better to lay off the gravy. I’m right here when you say that grotesque individuals like Ford would be a lot better off if they got on a bicycle now and then, because they’re harming the environment as well as being grossly obese. I’m right here, and in many cases I am putting myself out there and directly questioning your need to bring Ford’s weight into a conversation where it is completely irrelevant, and you are either ignoring me or telling me that his weight is a fair point of criticism because it represents his supposed sloth, greed and disregard for the environment, because he’s a bully who “throws his weight around.”

Hat tip to Vitty 10 who posted this on Facebook!

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