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Fierce Fatshion, Where Are You?

November 11, 2011
I'm actually writing this on Thursday night, because I had the choice between reading about the French Revolution for homework or ignoring it completely and writing my blog post instead.  Hello option 2!
Rather than focusing on Napoleonic strategy and French economic crisis that has some striking resemblance to modern days, I started thinking about things I wish were made for fat people.  It seems almost daily I'm confronted with items that I look at and thing "UGH!! why is this not fa friendly?!"  So I decided to write down some of those things off the top of my head, and see if you smart and lovely blog readers have any suggestions of your own. Ready?

1) Glasses:  Yes glasses! 

This is my lovely, fat, glasses wearing face.   Mind you, this particular pair of glasses took me approximately a weeks worth of searching various shops in order to find a pair that look proportionate to my head.  I love all the cute, trendy, heavy framed glasses, but so many of them are made for heads that fit on bodies that weigh significantly less than mine.  After this last adventure, I was adamantly talking to my husband about starting my own eyeglass manufacturer called "Fat Heads". I think it could make money.

2) Wedding Rings:

I have been married for almost 9 years now, and in that time I've had several wedding sets. Unrelated to fat, I have a nasty habit of banging my hands into things and end up knocking the setting clean off the ring.  Bringing it back to fat, and why I wish they kept that in mind when making wedding rings is the design.  If we are going to pay a few thousand dollars (don't they say 3 months men's salary? WTF that is a whole other post all together!) for a wedding set, then why must I inevitably endure having the jeweler look at me with a pained face as he says "but if we size it to your size, it will destroy the integrity of the design".  Seriously?  At my thinnest, my ring size was still 8 1/2 to 9, which is apparently disastrous for a ring sized for a size 6 or 7. Nowadays, my fat & happy self has a ring size of 11; I'm sure you can imagine the response I get when their demonstration rings won't fit past the first knuckle of my pinky.

3) Shoes

Perhaps this is simply part of my genetics, having very large hands and feet, I don't know.  What I do know, is that the last time I went to the Wide Foot Store I was told by the salesperson that they "couldn't help me, unless I wanted this monstrosity of a diabetic shoe that could have fit on my fat head.  When I politely declined stating that I needed work shoes and could not wear velcro as part of the dress code, I was then informed that my feet were too big for the wide foot store.  Cue jaw dropping stare.  Granted, I do come from a very hearty Viking lineage, and no one in my family has ever been accused of being dainty, but seriously?  I can't even shop at the wide foot store?

Alright! Now it's your turn.  Please feel free to comment and tell me what you wish was designed with fierce fatties in mind?

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