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First Gym Class

September 9, 2009

So today at 10:30 am I stepped into a school gym for probably the first time since grade 9 highschool.  That's 11 years ago.  I was nervous, I'll admit; we'd been emailed and told to wear sneakers and comfy clothes so I was afraid we were going to run laps, climb ropes or something.  Instead we talked about phys. ed curriculum, what's expected of us, how to keep kids interested in gym (here's a hint: Don't embarrass them!) and how to take apart a skill and see it as seperate steps.  I never realized there was so much to simply throwing a ball overhand.  I don't really think about it, but for kids in say, grade 1, they will.  There was no mention of childhood obesity, just brief mentions in the curriculum outline about healthy foods, eating for energy, and a LOT about eating disorders and body image.  To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement.  The rest of the classes are going to focus on creating phys. ed plans, games, activities and other things for the actual classroom.

I'm sorry about the long delay between entries; at the end of August I was busy putting together and running our local Pagan Pride Day event, and then swiftly moved into well, moving.  I'm in Thunder Bay now doing my professional year at Lakehead; I'll be home to the hubby and son in November for placement.  Until then it's hit the books ,write a guest post for the zaftig chicks (www.http://zaftigchicks.wordpress.com/) and sleeeep.

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