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First I get Mad

April 22, 2012

First I get mad, then I get motivated. After blocking my third antichoice troll from Twitter in as many days I was feeling rather UGH Saturday night. You just can't argue with willful ignorance, or people who's entire argument in a debate hinges on emotional rhetoric and opinions. (Sound familiar with FA/HAES? Yeah, I thought so too.) I was also thinking to myself that, while the M 3-12 debate is this coming Thursday, and there are rallies in both Ottawa and Toronto, most prochoice voices on this issue wont be heard. The antichoice minority is LOUD. They're used to being in-your-face, writing letters, going to marches, harassing clinics and making themselves into giant pains in the ass. I'm genuinely troubled and thinking that writing our MPs and signing the petitions wont be enough. Will women be able to stand up in Parliament as a part of the debate and tell their stories and why they oppose the notion? No. They have to trust that their MPs, those that have MPs which are prochoice or neutral, will speak up for them. Frankly there isn't a lot of trust between the average Jane or Joe and their politicians, which means it's likely the antichoice crowd will drown out the prochoice one.

I was thinking to myself, what would I say if I was in the House? Public speaking is one of my strengths and I have no problem getting up infront of large crowds to say what I feel I need to say, whether it's about endangered species, student fees, gay rights or the convoluted mess that is our socio-economic and political system. Sadly, I wont be in the House. There's no way I'll be asked to give evidence or an opinion. I'm just me, a working mom in BC. But then I thought "What about Youtube? Or Tumblr?" I remember the "I am the 99%" tumblr being very moving, as folks posed with photos of themselves and handwritten notes. Youtube has the ability to reach millions, and it would really let me use my voice to its greatest value.

So now there is a Tumblr which I encourage anyone and everyone who opposes Motion 3-12 to submit too; submit your story as to why you're prochoice, why you oppose this particular motion, what women's rights mean to you, etc. Make it personal as you're able. Video blogs, photos, links to where you've been writing and posts are all welcome. Please submit content to jenrowe16 at gmail dot com with the word M312 in the subject so I don't accidentally delete anything. Thank you!

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