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Food, fat and feminism

August 8, 2009

Fat acceptance and feminism, I've realized, go hand in hand.  The bodily autonomy to look and dress a certain way, despite your size, is directly tied into the bodily autonmy women are also fighting for when it comes to sex, fashion and reproduction.  Feminism isn't about man hating, or taking anything away from men; it's about having men move over and make room for women, about equality between the sexes.  ACTUAL equality, not just words on paper, but in homes and businesses and schools across the world.  Fat acceptance is similar, looking for equality between those who are thin, average sized, 'small fat', fat, obese and morbidly obese.  Under the labels, we're all human.  We're all people deserving of respect simply because we exist.  Feminism and fat acceptance are two faces of one solution to a wider problem and both will be discussed at length here in the blog.

I commented somewhere in the fatosphere two days ago or so: It's my body to do with as I will.  I come from a long family line of fat people, or those who are simply BIG.  Many of the men in my family reach six foot or better and hover near 200lbs.  The women are short and stout.  This is my body to take care of, or not, as I see fit.  I'll dress it up, or down, tattoo or pierce it, move it or not, as I choose, eat what I want when I want it, and nothing and noone can make me do otherwise.  Along with that, I'll also say no, or yes, to sex as I feel like it and get downright bitchy when I feel someone isn't respecting my boundaries and a polite 'no thanks' or 'back off'.  If there was a time in the future where I needed or wanted an abortion for whatever reason, that choice should be mine to make as well, as it's my body that's directly involved with the care and development of that potential person, not my husband or anyone else.  It's painful and harsh but that's how it has to be.  As a human being, a living breathing person with thoughts, feelings, memories and opinions of her own, I either have complete bodily autonomy or I do not.

I do have it, because I choose to have it and not let anyone take it away from me.  I'm fat and I don't want to change that.  I'm not going to spend precious time and energy on silly excersize or a special diet* when and if I'm fine just the way I am; which I am.  Since our son was born I've put on an extra 10 lbs, mostly in my bra, that's just kinda there.  It doesnt' get in the way, my doctor's visits are always good, blood pressure's fine, etc but there's the public pressure on women to get back to just the way they were before they got pregnant.  I'm not doing that.  I'm not the same person I was nearly 4 years ago before I got pregnant, so why should I burn myself out trying to LOOK that way?  There's more to a person than what's on the outside, and beauty really is only skin deep.  For me, taking care of myself mentally and emotionally, and recently spiritually, is much higher on my list of priorities than changing how I look for spurious 'health' reasons.  My physical health is fine; it's the rest of me that needs work. ;)

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