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Food Fights or How to get a 5 yr old to eat dinner

August 23, 2011

The post for Wednesday was supposed to be one highlighting a BBC news article linking birthweight to lifelong health problems but I'm ranting instead. The BBC article will go up Thursday here and at Fierce Fatties and Carolyn is posting Friday.

Ry was working tonight and our roomie Kev was out and about so it was just me and Gabe for supper. We're getting low on groceries and low on cash so I made stew. We should get a couple of meals out of it and there's nothing in it Gabe doesn't like. It took me about an hour to make, plus a bit more time for just simmering, and then voila! Delicious, nutritious, stick to your ribs stew. Well, Mr. picky pants wouldn't eat more than 1 bite before saying he was full. Bullshit. 20 minutes of cajoling later (a spoonful of sugar and all that) and I am Not Having Fun and am Not Impressed and there's still a full bowl of stew in front of him.

Now, I pride myself on not being my parents when it comes to food; Gabe doesn't have to sit at the table endlessly if he doesn't like something. He can try it and honestly say he doesn't like it if that's the case and we'll try to figure something else out. But I KNOW he likes my stew, he's eaten it before, and like I said, there's nothing he doesn't like in it. So this playing around and not eating is really frustrating for me. Do Not Like. So I gave him an ultimatum; eat or go play in your room till bedtime, no snacks or drinks. He chose bedroom. Fine. Be hungry then.

Part of the frustration comes from being a Mom: he needs food to grow. I make food, he should eat the food. Simple, no? The other frustration comes from being a life-long control freak. I cannot make him eat if he's not hungry (or whatever) so seeing the food just sitting there getting cold and potentially going to waste? Pisses me right the hell off. Thirdly, and this may sound ridiculous but bare with me, I know how lucky we are to HAVE FOOD, how lucky HE IS to have food to eat. There are literally millions of people, many of them children, starving on this planet TODAY because um, duh, they haven't had any food in a long time. He should be grateful and eat whatever we give him, barring serious dislike, with gusto. And finally, I'm frustrated because a part of me knows better. I read Family Feeding Dynamics, I know intellectually some of the ways to get Gabe to eat, and what to do if he wont, but when I get frustrated my brain fizzes out so I feel like a failure. Frag.

/rant  tl;dr - I am frustrated for various reasons with my son's dislike of eating dinner.

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