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Friday Crafts with Carolyn!

September 9, 2011

Holy Mother of Pearl it’s Friday already!!

How was everyone’s week hrmm?  I hope all the lovelies who read this blog had a terrific week.  I did not have a terrific week.  Well, it wasn’t horrible, but it certainly inspired fanciful daydreams in which I went on a care-free drinking binge until the words “environmental”, “biology”, and “omgyoufailedyourfrickenmidterm!” would be far far away.  I also put a giant scrape down the side of my car.  Thankfully this was neither done while drinking or daydreaming. Just your average, every day sort of stupidity was all it took.

So rather than rambling on about my grumpiness, let me share a bit of success I had this week.  Meet Quark!

Any of you savy Star-trekkers out there will notice that this is indeed a bunny and not a Ferengi, however, the name is courtesy of my husband so I let it pass.  For you fat crafters out there, here is the link to the pattern:


I had so much fun making this bunny.  It took about 24 hours total to complete (I am slow).  I managed to listen to the first 2 books of the Dresden files on MP3 while I did it.  This bunny is definitely made with geeky love in every stitch.

Part of why this is a success for me is because I taught myself how to crochet.  Which, isn’t terribly complicated, but I always felt extremely intimidated by crochet patterns.  Have you read them? They are their own language for sure.  For me, when I don’t know how to do something, I get pissily stubborn about it and refuse to even attempt it.  I know, so mature right?  I finally took that first step and made myself a few amigurumi. They turned out alright, but I really wanted to make something bigger. So I made Quark.  It’s one of the first projects I learned, and finished all on my own!! I am very proud.  There was trial and error and a lot of frogging. (For you non-crochet sorts – frogging is where you unravel stitches. So called because you rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. . . )  But I finished. And I was happy. It was a good thing.

Now I am working on a smaller, chocolaty brown version of the same bunny.  I had so much fun making the bunny, I am considering making a few to give to the local foster care facility that is down the street from me. They always accept donations around Christmas time.  We’ll see how that turns out.

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