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August 31, 2011

Yesterday I recieved a lovely email from a woman named Emma. She's apparently been following my blog for a while (Hi, Emma! *waves*) and sent me the following link: 11 Important Ways Colleges are Fighting Eating Disorders. It's pretty awesome and I'm glad she's sent it along for me to share with you. It wasn't too long ago I was just starting university (ok, it was like 8 years but who's counting?) and I remember dreading the 'Freshman 15', cafeteria food, the hectic schedule and generally the whole experience. I hadn't heard of fat acceptance yet so gaining weight? The Worst Thing Evar. I wish there had been more stuff like this when I started, especially the Everybody, Every Body Fashion Show! That's probably my favorite thing from the list, right along with Harvard ditching the nutrition labels in the cafeteria. What's your favorite? Did your college/university do anything to promote awareness of eating disorders when you were there?

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