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Happy Blogiversary! Average <--> Fat

August 5, 2011

Yesterday's post about my friend's visit to the MRI machine got me thinking about all the ways in which I still have thin privilege, even though I identify as a fat woman. I get the 'But YOU'RE not fat!" comments, can still fit in booths at restaurants, ride seats at the fair (though just barely), and not get moo-ed at by passersby. However, I've started to  buy my clothes at plus sized stores and have found that being fat is actually starting to get in the way of doing very specific things, like getting the clasp to latch on my sandals.  When I started this blog two years ago I thought I would stay an inbetweenie forever, that I would always exist in the space of 'average woman', showing the world "Hey! By your fucked up standards, average is fat! You just don't realize it." But I'm not. Slowly but steadily my body has changed, thanks to a variety of factors, and I was at a loss at what to think/do/feel, especially after the move.  It was big and scary and I'm so. far. from. home. Part of my posts last week came from a place of "If I can't control when I get a job or when I'll see my mom or sister again, or how much rain/cloudiness we'll get this fall, I can control ME." This type of thinking is familiar to people, I would think.

Thanks to the many talented writers of the Fatosphere and elsewhere who've shared their thoughts, feelings and journeys, I feel ready to handle whatever life has in store next, whatever I choose to do. The move to Nanimo has been hard but knowing that there are people on the 'net who read and give a damn has really helped.  Thank you!

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