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Happy Friday! Prop. 8 Overturned! Back in May...

December 9, 2011

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently the HuffPo story is from May, so now I'm confused whether or not this stuck. In any case, my thoughts below, just imagine I wrote this back in May. ;) 

I've been waiting for this for three years, and so have thousands, maybe millions of others: Proposition 8, also known as Prop Hate in California, the law that stripped away gay marriage rights in California, has been overturned by a judge.  Back when Prop. 8 first passed in 2008, even though I lived in Canada and had had same-sex marriage for years at that point, I was completely pissed that Prop. 8 went through. That summer I had spent time with my friend Amanda, who's a Reverend with All Season's Weddings, helping her to marry couples from the States who came to Canada because back home they couldn't get married. Often me and her husband were the only other people in attendance as their families either couldn't, or wouldn't, come and support them.

Same-sex marriage isn't something special, it's just affording the same rights to people that us hetero-folk take for granted. When Ry and I got married it was easy to just stroll in to city hall, get our paperwork, and leave. Not allowing this same process for gay couples is completely unfair. If they want to get married, let them. If they want to adopt kids, let them. If they want to be at their partner's bedside during illness or injury, let them. Their love is no different than that of me and my husband, or any other hetero couple, their committments no less deep and abiding. Hopefully California will once again lead the way in the struggle for equal rights and that's definitely one battle worth fighting, over and over again if needs be. That's the thing about rights; they're unalienable.

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