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Happy Solstice!

December 22, 2012

So the world didnt' end yesterday, not in the apocalyptical sense, anyway. I'm glad! I like it here. We spent the evening celebrating the return of the light/end of the world over at a friend's place and had a wonderful time. Because of the munchkins we were home by 9:30 but that's ok, that's the price you pay for having kids. Tonight we have another party to attend for Ryan's work and this time we're leaving the kids at home (it's at a pub).

I love this time of year so much, even though most of my friends and all of my family except the hubby and kids are in Ontario, and it rains almost every day, and it's so cloudy that even though it was solstice, I couldn't watch the sun rise or set. It's about hope, about holding that hope and light inside you until the actual light regains its strength, about holding on and pushing ahead and celebration with the people you care about. Some Pagans choose to 'sleep' in a sense in the winter, to turn inwards and contemplate the Mysteries. By solstice, however, we're ready to celebrate and spring forth on the 21st, rising renewed and refreshed like the sun.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, whatever you're celebrating (or not). May you never hunger or thirst and may you always have some to spare for others. May the lights on the houses and in the trees remind you to keep the light inside, to hold onto hope, and to look forward to the new year. Finally, may you know love, peace and joy.

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