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April 23, 2012

Struck with a bit of writer's block after tackling M 3-12 over the weekend, I dug around the CBC website for something interesting to write about for Monday. I'm really trying to stay in the habit of blogging nearly every day, and scanning the headlines almost inevitably gives me *something* to say. Note, I don't recieve anything for writing this post, I just thought the article and apps were kinda neat.

I found this article titled "Top 10 Apps for Health, Fitness and Nutrition" and was not terribly surprised to see the first three apps focus on weight loss through counting calories, keeping a food diary and planning meals. But, three out of ten isn't bad, and the other seven actually focus on health, fitness and nutrition in a way that makes sense as opposed to the same tired 'lose weight, be healthy / thin is healthy, fat is bad' narrative.

Personally I think my hippo looks much happier than this one...

If you're someone who needs to watch their sodium or glucose intake, there are apps for that! Sodium 101 and GluCoMo are two apps you can download to your ipad or iphone, with GluCoMo impressively being partnered with health and wellness associations and ministries around the world-Germany, Denmark, the U.A.E, the USA, and others. As was recently said very nicely over at Dances with Fat, there is no such thing as a healthy weight, only healthy behaviours that can help us have healthy bodies, and even then, we can still get sick, diseased or suffer accidents and suddenly become unhealthy. I often think of Bif Naked, Canadian rockstar, a raw food vegan who's in amazing shape, and yet she got breast cancer and has recently been back to the hospital for surgery. If she can get sick, anyone can.

If you're someone who works out regularly, the article reports that iMapMyFitness, Digifit and Pedal Brain are highly recommended by doctors, dieticians and other health experts. Some of these do lean towards the 'lose weight, feel great' ideology, but that's not their primary function and it can be ignored in favour of things that actually matter, like getting your heart rate up or planning a safe biking route. Pedal Brain doesn't appear to be out yet, however, so I'm not sure why it's in a top 10 article, seeing as how noone's been able to use it...

Personally I use a Blackberry and don't download apps, but I'm hoping some people out there in bloglandia will find this info useful! Happy Monday!

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