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May 16, 2012


      Bits and Bobs

  •   Shakesville's very own Liss has a fantastic post up today titled Big Fat Love. You should go read it as soon as you can because it's really that good.  
  •   Are there any fellow fatties (or pregnant ladies) dealing with Meralgia Paraesthetic? aka Bernhardt-Roth syndrome? I started noticing the outside of my left thigh feeling odd in the mornings a few weeks ago but didn't really think anything of it until this past Saturday when not only was it occasionally going numb, but it got a bad hot/burning feeling. I really didn't like it so I did some research and discovered the info above. Because of the way Katherine is sitting, she's pinching a nerve. I find it's worse when I sit than when I stand or walk, which is a problem because I sit for long periods of time at work, and could potentially do permanent damage. Most of the time the nerve is immediately unpinched due to delivery of the baby, but not every time. In any case, if you're familiar with this, or know someone who is, how do they deal with it?
  • A 'no doy!' headline from MSNBC's Life Inc section, on how for women in the workplace, it's still about looks and not deeds. It focuses on Hilary Clinton's appearance sans makeup last week while in India, and how it made headlines around the world. A study cited in the article says quote "Nearly half of women don’t feel good about themselves unless they’re wearing makeup, according to a study released this year by the Renfrew Center Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on eating disorder research and treatment. (...) Wearing makeup to enhance one’s appearance is normal in our society and often a rite of passage for young women,” said Adrienne Ressler, national training director for Renfrew and a body image expert. “There is concern, however, when makeup no longer becomes a tool for enhancement but rather a security blanket that conceals negative feelings about one’s self-image and self-esteem.”  What's your take? Are you a make-up every day person? For work and at home? Just for work? Just for special occasions?

 An image of Marilyn Wanns Yay Scale; bright pink fur surrounds a scale which has encouraging words or compliments instead of numbers.

  • Guess who left some link love for FaNA at her blog in the comments on Monday? Marilyn Wann! She loved Carolyn's guest post on obesity propaganda and tied it into her larger post on the new mockumentary Weight of the Nation. Her mention made me and Carolyn squee for hours, let me tell you. lol We're such FA/HAES dorks.



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