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Hollowed by the spoon of illness

February 14, 2011

The last two days have been really unpleasant.  Halfway through the shows on Saturday afternooon my babysitter called to let us know that Gabe had started randomly vomiting; no fever, nothing else, just unable to keep his food down.  We got home after the shows were done and then of course the next day, being run down as I have been, I got it too.  Gabe's tired and whiny but recovering so I sent him to school.  I'm finally feeling better(ish) but I had to miss placement and my back is still sore.  I took a nap earlier and almost couldn't sleep for how hungry I was.  Yesterday I didn't eat except for a small plate of crackers and an orange lat night.  My stomach felt like it had been hollowed out with a big spoon, a cavern without even flapping bats to fill the space.  My back continues to hurt but at least that awful ache is gone  from my belly, thanks to a post-nap bagel and some juice.  Mmm food. Maybe I'll even dare some coffee soon.

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