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Home Sweet Home

March 26, 2012

Last weeks' visit to the Soo was probably one of the most busy weeks I've ever had in my entire life. It was so incredibly wonderful to see all my family again, and I include all the friends we visited in there as well! It was warm, no HOT, and sunny most of the time we were there, unusually warm for Northern Ontario in March. Heat records were shattered across the north and north east-I never dreamed that I would have wanted shorts. Hell, we'd talked several times about bringing our winter boots and coats, and maybe even ice-fishing! By the time we got there though, most of the snow was gone except for the really shadowy places in the bush and the ice was rotten and completely unsafe.

Highlights from the trip include bashing apart what was left of a snowbank with Kelly and her family at their place, hot tubbing at my inlaws, dogs! Dogs everywhere! (Though after nearly a week I was getting stressed from their attention), taking Gabe to the big park downtown with my parents,  meeting the twins (omg. the cute. Seriously, I almost brought one of them home with me, I just couldn't put them down! I miss them so much already), hanging out at my sister's place with her family, shopping with my mom-in-law (post on that later!), visiting the barn and her horses and watching Gabe run himself silly 'training' Lucy on the lead, the giant sushi night, chilling with Amanda...

This is ridiculous. The whole week was a highlight of my life. I'm so incredibly thankful that we were able to go, that for the first time in our lives we have jobs that give us paid vacation, that my inlaws chipped in on the flights (holy Hermes how expensive!) and more. The only downside, and it is a major one, is that my maternal grandmother became suddenly ill while we were there, and died on Friday. She was 94 and had led a long and beautiful life, but in the end cancer, with help from Time, won. I had a very vivid dream about her the night before we left to visit, so at least I had a head's up *something* was going to happen, but it still hurts.

Later this week there will be a shopping/outfits post, baby-bump pics (and hopefully a big announcement!), and more on the heinous Motion 3-12 I wrote about on Friday. Please, if you're in Canada, head over there and read it, then sign the petition against it and send your MP a letter telling them to oppose it. Happy Monday, folks!

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