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Homemade Salsa (recipe!)

August 28, 2010

Mmm salsa.  It's probably my favorite snack (with chips, of course).  I decided today to make salsa with most of the tomatoes my one plant has given me, plus 2L of smaller tomatoes from my neighbour's garden. Om nom nom.

4-5 medium to large size tomatoes

2L small tomatoes

1/2  onion

5 sprigs fresh cilantro

2 sprigs fresh mint (I have spearmint and pineapple mint at the moment)

1 red bell pepper

2 cloves garlic

sugar, salt, pepper to taste


The first thing I did was throw all the little tomatoes into the blender with the spices and garlic.  After it became a thick paste I moved it into a large bowl and added diced tomatoes, pepper, and onion (do not blend in the blender!  The juices released will overpower your salsa).  Mix well with sugar, salt and pepper until it tastes the way you want it too.  Vinegar or lime juice can be thrown in, along with other peppers or whatever else you feel like tossing in!  I'm hoping the company that comes tonight likes it.

Mmm salsa


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