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How Do You Do It? (Rant)

September 29, 2011

Do you watch television? On a regular basis? How do you do it? How do you manage to not get brain broken with the commericas and the shows and the misogyny, and the gender stereotypes, and the fat hate and and and and. Seriously, an AXE commercial just about broke me tonight. "Women are getting hotter! We need a cooling soap for in the shower because we menfolk's brains melt when sexy women are in the vicinity!" Forget that there are men out there who aren't attracted to women. Forget that women aren't 'getting hotter', we're just encouraged to wear less clothes, and forget that women aren't up for public fucking consumption. They just want to sell something and it makes me SICK. Gods, I didn't miss anything the last 7 years, did I? Except for maybe Firefly, and I've got that on DVD. I mean sure, there are some good channels, like Discovery, but omg the tv is so bad! It's all garbage! How do the networks stay on? Why does anyone waste their time watching tv? ARGH!

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