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How to Reverse Childhood Obesity (?)

October 10, 2012

While browsing about the net during a rare moment when Kat was napping, I stumbled over this article: How To Prevent or Reverse Childhood Obesity.  Really? I've read a lot about preventing childhood obesity, but reversing it? Someone thinks they've found the magic bullet and all those poor, unhappy fat kids will finally become thin? Turns out, not so much.

"We all know that the answer lies in eating healthy and getting plenty of excercise, but what does that really mean?" asks Amanda King of Voxxi.com. It's a good question, and her article focuses on many ways that parents can help their fat kids be healthy, instead of working to become thin. However, as we know, diet and exercise isn't the magic bullet to making fat people thin. There isn't one. There's no way to  make a fat person thin, nor a thin person fat, not without major surgery or a life-time of strict dieting and exercise. Helping kids get 60 minutes of play time a day is awesome. Teaching your kids to cook and about nutrition is awesome. Doing these things together as a family is super awesome.

Sending your kid the message that fat is bad is not awesome. Jumping on the 'omg childhood obesity! Think of the childreeeeen!" booga booga bandwagon is garbage. Can't we just let kids be kids and not get wrapped up in all the hype about cardiovascular disease, diabetes and the rest? If your kids are being bullied, have low self esteem or depression because of their weight, the problem isn't with the kid, it's with a society that hates fat people. What we need to change is that framework that says fat is bad and thin is good, and we can't do that with articles and thinking that tries to say 'we just want you to be healthy' when what they really mean is 'we want you to be thin'.

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