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I had nothing to add

October 31, 2010

Last night I was at my cousin's wedding reception and while a bunch of us lady-folk were sitting around waiting for the dancing to start, inevitably (it seemed) the conversation went to who was looking great, who'd lost weight, and lamenting extra pounds.  Except for correcting my mom's idea she read somewhere that she needs to reach and stay at her target heart rate for an hour (instead of the 20-30 minutes), I didn't have anything to add.  It was too noisy to go on a speel about FA or HAES so I enjoyed my snacks and snuggled with the hubs.  Somewhat of a similar thing happened at the reception Friday night too and except for saying "I think you both look fabulous; don't give a damn about your weight", I had nothing to add.

I've been somewhat locked out of my blog here the past week so I apologize for not posting.  There'll be more next week!  This weekend has been full already; babysitting, two weddings, shopping, more babysitting and of course Samhain.  Our ritual's tonight at 8 and I really hope we get help with setup beforehand; other than Pagan Pride this is  our largest ceremony of the year.  It was nice to have a solid collaborative effort on the liturgy. 

Have a safe and splendid Hallowe'en!

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