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I know what's best for YOU

February 25, 2011

Hello dear readers! It's been a bit of a wonky week here; I've been off from class but our family has been going through something so I've been sad and avoidant.  Feeling better today though so I thought I'd write something so you'd know I didn't die. 

As you may recall we were all sick here with a stomach bug recently.  It was not fun at all.  Gabe, who has only been actually sick less than a handful of times in his whole life, was especially thrown for a loop.  I shouldn't have been surprised when he didn't really eat for days at a time following his illness.  He probably didn't trust his stomach and I should have listened to him.  However, I'm a dork and think that Mom Knows Best and tried to make him eat more than he wanted and stuff he didn't want.  There were fights. :(  His teachers were concerned as well and I think were putting pressure on him at school as a note came home saying that he wasn't eating his lunch.  I knew this as his bag was nearly full every day when it came home.  Kids are funny though, and the last couple of days he has started eating.  Breakfast has been easy, his bag comes home empty and dinner is at least tried before he says he's full or wants a pb&j.  Last night we were at the mall and he packed away a slice and a half at our local big slice, plus a small pop. 

I don't want to pass on my messed up thinking about food to my son but I'm sure doing a good job so far.  >_<  Learning to trust yourself, and learning to trust you kid, is REALLY HARD when all you've heard is that no, you don't know what's best for you, *I* do.  So much of what I learned I'm doing to him and it's not right and it's not fair.  I know better, but in the moment, what I know slips away and I fall back into what I learned, what's familiar.  Does anyone have any tips on getting out of that mindset in the  moment?  Learning to ACT instead of just REACT?  Leave it in the comments, along with any interesting weekend plans.  TGIF!

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