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I prefer good food over flowers

February 16, 2010

Remember just a little while ago I said I was hanging up my oven mitts for good?  Well, I guess that's not entirely true.  I wish it was, but I DO enjoy cooking now and then.  Last night, for example, we had homemade potato soup, homemade pudding (not as good as the last time, unfortunately), and biscuits (from Pilsbury).  It was great.  Tonight, Ryan did shake and bake chicken with cheese and spices on top, along with steamed veggies and pasta.  I am full of wonderful food I didn't have to make and that makes me sooo happy.  A homecooked meal is worth so much more to me than flowers or gifts.  I'd rather Ryan did half of the chores and cooking every day then get 'spoiled' once in a while.  I have pretty radical ideas sometimes, like partnerships exist between people who are equal no matter what their genitals.  I said that better the first time, but I accidentally closed Firefox so it got lost.  So to me, anyone who's in a relationship with someone else only has to do half the chores, is only responsible for half the work.  Noone should end up doing 80% of the dishes and laundry and making dinner and all the rest that goes into having a household together.  Doing the laundry when it needs doing, making dinner a few times a week, tidying up when it's needed and all the other little things that need doing and taking care of in our house mean so much more to me than a shiny new ring or pretty flowers (unless they're the kind I can plant outside). 

I have ethical problems with jewelry (how was it mined? By who? In what country?  In what conditions?) and flowers (how were they grown? by who? who picked them and in what conditions? Where?) just like some people have problems eating meat and/or other animal products.  I'm not *as* strict, probably, as some, but my hubby respects my feelings about that and doesn't purchase those things.  Respecting my feelings and thoughts is a HUGE part of why our relationship works as well as it does.  He accepts that I'm ambivalent about cooking, and have self-consciousness issues surrounding my body sometimes.  He's been instrumental in helping me learn to love myself, to see myself the way he sees me.  I'll take dinner over flowers any day.

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