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I R Disappoint: Curvy Girls

April 11, 2012

Alright, so by tonight I'm about half-way through Curvy Girls: Erotica for Women. So far it's not living up to my expectations of being other than a book for chuby chasers, as every story so far but one has featured a) bold fat women who really really want to get laid b) one-night stands or fuck buddies. I am all for bold, fat women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go for it. This is awesome In Real Life, but I fear that these stories feed into the narrative that fat women are sexually starved and will go after anyone who shows any interest.

Dude at the bakery/art gallery/news-stand wants to get his thing on with a hot, curvy woman who, it just so happens, is MORE THAN happy to get it on with random stranger man she barely knows but has the hots for? Check. Ad nauseum.

Lots of euphemisms for fat? Check. They're all here, but none of the women, as far as I can figure, are even close to Death Fat. Curvy, voluptuous, zaftig, ample, generous, every other word you can think of for fat is here, but it's still all within an hegemonically acceptable upper limit. These are women who can easily shop in the low ranges at a plus-size store, or maybe the upper range of a regular store, women who are 'plus-size' according to conventional beauty standards and modeling, where a 12 or 13 is HUGE. A 40DD? Is not. that. big.

What's missing? Women in long-term committed relationships, for one. The only woman I've found so far who's in one (does months count as long-term and committed?) conveniently gets herself off due to a week-long drought with her man. It's great to read about a woman giving herself pleasure, unabashedly taking care of her own needs exactly how she feels she needs too, but I was really hoping by now to read something between two (or more!) long-term partners. The three who are sexy friends once in a great while don't count.

Happily, however, several of the characters have not been white; there was one definite Latina woman, one mixed heritage black/white woman, and one definite black woman. So a little less than half, so far. As far as I can tell from the lack of descriptions on the menfolk who've been having all this glorious sexy time, all white.

What else is missing? Lesbians and bisexuals. So far there's only been one lesbian coupling out of I think seven stories I've read, and it was two random strangers who get it on in an airport bathroom. Was it hot? Unbelievably so, with the writing a cut above everything else I've read so far, but I'm still left wanting what the introduction promised.

We're not seeing: "...precisely that process of coming to terms with our curves, of standing naked in front of a mirror or another person and stripping ourselves of all the preconcieved notions we may have of what sexy is." We're seeing the end of the journey, women who are already self-confident, who've mastered their inner demons, who've stripped away those notions and redefined it for themselves. We're not a part of the process, we're just meant to reap the benefits of work done off-scene, and enjoy reading about fat curvy women getting their brains thoroughly scrambled by multiple orgasms. I was hoping for more than I'm getting, but there are still just less than half of the stories left to go. Maybe all is not lost.

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