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I respectfully disagree

March 1, 2011

I know I'm fat, Ok? I'm aware of my bmi and my pants size and all that.  I know what my physical fitness level is, and roughly what my health is doing (no complaints, honestly).  When I go to the doctor's I get weighed, it's written down and that's that.  It's not brought up later on because my weight has very little to do with my health, especially since the only reason I go to see my doctor is for women's health appointments.  My weight is not going to stop me from getting breast cancer or fibroids in the uterus or diabetes, nor is it going to directly cause me to get those things.  It doesn't really matter. 

Should doctors discuss obesity with their patients? I don't think so.  The vast majority of us fat people know we're fat.  We don't need to have The Conversation, usually begun with "So what are you doing about your weight?"  Most of us have tried dieting, yo-yo-ing back and forth between lows and highs.  Many of us have done dieting and some kind of excercise routine, whittling down our weight to an 'acceptable' number before it doggedly climbs back up.  Does it really fucking matter if someone is overweight if that person is HAPPY with how they look and feel?  Does it really matter if someone is obese and happy with their body?  NO. NO it doesn't, and pushing people about their weight unasked is just rude, not to mention unnecessary.  If people aren't aware if they are overweight or obese according to an arbitrary number that got changed over a decade ago to include MORE people, a number that was never meant for women or children, only burly men, do they really need to be told so, and to what end?  To push the diet industry? The WLS complex?  To shame them?  FUCK OFF.  If I go to you, my doctor, someone I literally am trusting with my life, I expect you to listen to my concerns and work with me on those, not bring up something I'm fine with so you can line your pocket and the pockets of your corporate buddies.

Fat and Happy!

Dancing at the summer solstice in 2008: Fat and Happy!

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