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March 30, 2012

While visiting in the Soo I finally had the chance to use the giftcard my mom-in-law sent me for Christmas. It was so warm that I was tempted to get shorts but instead opted for a skort and two 3/4 sleeve shirts. One is just plain black (and goes with everything) so it's not going to be featured, but I did want to show off the other stuff, so have some more pics. Note: Pics were taken later in my day, pretty much make-up and hair-styling free. I threw on some fun accessories and let the hubs have the camera. So these pics are really me, what I usually look like generally any given day that I have to work.

In the first image you can see my new skort (and baby bump again!)Sorry for the lack of smile, I wasn't ready. This skort is very soft and nice to wear, a life-saver when it hit 25C while visiting! Of course, as soon as I bought it the weather went to pot nearly the next day. The necklace is a Tree of Life pendant from the ve ry talented Heather Jordan. You can find her work online, and her pendants have free shipping! Mine is sodalite (blue stones) and was a gift from a friend before I moved out to Nanaimo.

03/29/12 Image copyright Jennifer Rowe and may not be reproduced without written permission  

The next pic I think is much nicer; the shirt is light and airy but not see-through, the sleeves are long enough I feel like I'm wearing something but it's fancy enough for work. The asymetrical hem is fun and I love the length. The pants are an older pair I picked up years ago at Sears. I threw on some Body Shop lipstick for these ones so I didn't look too washed out.

03/29/12 Image copyright Jennifer Rowe and may not be reproduced without permission. This close up is really just to show off the accessories, especially the pendant. This was my birthday gift last  year from Ryan and it's especially precious to me as we couldn't celebrate our birthdays together. He was in Nanaimo working and I was still in Sault Ste. Marie. The pendant comes from Valkyrie Couture and is surprisingly light for its size and being made of silver-plated brass. The gem in the center is a Swarovski in Bermuda Blue. *swoon* The earrings are a fun pair I picked up at either Ardene's or Claire's, and of course I am never NOT wearing my glasses.

So there we have it, more semi-dorky pics of yours truly! What would YOU do to make these outfits your own?

03/29/12 Image copyright Jennifer Rowe and may not be reproduced without written permission

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