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I Write Letters: Kids, Candy and being an Advocate

November 2, 2011

Yesterday was a pretty big day; Gabe got to wear his costume to school because yay, Hallowe'en! and then after school we did some trick or treating at the mall close to our house. It was packed with kids and their parents, lots of good costumes, and lots of candy. After that we went to the doctor's office for a quick check-up for him; his school was thinking he might be on the autism spectrum but his new doctor ruled that right out. He thinks Gabe is very independent, happy, and maybe above-average when it comes to intelligence. His behaviour troubles at school come mostly from the first, and a hefty dose of stubborn that comes from me and Ryan. So, I get to write his teacher a note about that.

Today we went sent him to school with one two-bite Aero bar and a small bag of popcorn because yay, Hallowe'en! and when I picked him up from daycare, he told me his teacher doesn't like candy and he wasn't allowed to eat that part of his lunch. Not pleased, I asked him to bring me his lunch bag and yup, there in the bottom was his Aero bar and the popcorn. He asked me if he could have his Aero bar now and I said sure, crack it open! So he ate it while we tidied up some toys and then came home. Now I get to write his teacher a note about that too.

I get that she probably doesn't want to be incharge of 20-some kids who've all had little candies in their lunch, but seriously? One two-bite Aero isn't going to make a difference to him, and popcorn? is air, covered in salt and artificial butter. Instead of saying "no candy!" right after Hallowe'en, if she feels the need, she could send a note home reminding moms and dads that kids need a balanced diet to keep up with their growing bodies, and of course that candies with peanuts or peanut butter are prohibited. Me? I'm going to keep sending Gabe with a few things every day-he's earned them.

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