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April 20, 2012

Life is getting pleasantly busy again. I gave Occupy the boot back in February sometime because I was tired of being talked down too for my progressive and/or feminist stance on things, and I haven't had a lot to do in the evenings other than blog. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging, Facebook and Twitter (some of my best friends live in the internet!) but tangible results make me happy.

Since taking some space from Occupy, I've stepped up as the Priestess of my local circle, as our former Priestess is having some major life issues and needs to take time. I have a feeling this is going to become a permanent thing though, as the ATC is fairly rigid and hierarchical, which is not her style. Over the last ten years or so I've gained the experience and knowledge in my old community to comfortably take a leadership role, but I dothis reluctantly realizing that I'm new here and this is someone else's baby. There's a LOT for me to learn about the ATC and its Path, and the people, so taking the time to approach this properly is important to me.

What is a Priestess and what does she do? As I said, it's a leadership position within our Pagan group, but it's also a support role. The Priestess and the Priest write and lead rituals, helps organize the nuts and bolts of things like hall rentals, car pooling, and guides individual members with whatever it is they're training towards, personal problems, etc. Last night I sat down with the Priest and two of our other members and began planning monthly full moon rituals, as well as talked about Beltane. Full moons are looking to be our groups 'refill the cup' time, a spiritual working time, while Sabbats like Beltane and Yule and the rest being open and public celebrations of the cycle of the seasons. I'll also be penning the occasional article for our website (link coming soon!)

A part of this newly awakened and busy Pagan time is looking into creating a local Spiral Scouts group. This is very much like Boy or Girl Scouts, but mix gendered, inclusive of all sexual orientations, and with a Pagan instead of Christian influence/backing. I've wanted to put Gabe into something like this but am leery of Boy Scouts and other troops because of the problems I've read about so often. So, Spiral Scouts!

ANOTHER thing that's just begun is joining a Women Share. I love the idea so much; in Starhawk's The Fifth Sacred Thing she talks about an economy that doesn't run on money, but on energy. Literally, the calorie is what is recognized as valuable. An hour of work is an hour of work, with no jobs being more or less valued than others. A doctor's hour is worth the same as a gardener's hour, or a stay at home parent's. The Women Share is built on this idea that women's work is valuable, and we trade time with each other to lighten the load and get the expertise we need. A friend in the group needs help editing articles for her magazine, for example, and in return she's going to teach me to knit, something I've *always* wanted to learn but have never sat down and done. The time committment is pretty small, as you only take on what you can offer, and we do a potluck once a month to reconnect.

Whew! Written out like that it seems like a lot more than I realized! Plus, y'know, baby on the way and moving (very likely) out of our house in July to another place we can actually afford. So that's the news! Please keep an eye on this space for more news about Motion 3-12, or check out Facebook for a group called Radical Handmaids, Oppose Motion 3-12 and of course, the Abortion Rights Council of Canada's website.

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