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In the Land of Joggers

July 26, 2011

Nanaimo is a really beautiful town, but very hilly. To me, this is a minus, but apparently to all the joggers around here, they just LOVE it. I've seen more people jogging here in the last two weeks than I've ever seen in the Sault. People go jogging up my street and around the corner all the time, and I live on a fairly steep hill; steep enough to send my left hip into a seize the other day for no reason, seeing as how I'd done it a bunch of times before with no problem. Maybe I slept funny? Anyway, today's post is more navel-gazing as I get used to living in a new place, one that's much more fitness conscious than where I was.

So yeah, jogging. I have a joke that I've never seen a happy jogger; they always look so serious chugging along down the sidewalk or through the park. Even two people jogging together are rarely smiling, it probably takes too much effort.  The big park near our home, Beben Park, is a Kiwanis ParticiPark, and the walking trails through the trees have little stops where you can do sit ups or climb ropes. O_o The playground equipment for kids is fantastic and the area is surrounded by a mini bike loop for kids just learning to ride or rollerblade. When I go to the park and sit and watch Gabe run around with the other kids, it makes me feel old and out of shape. When I'm sitting here blogging or job hunting and I see some athletic, conventionally attractive folks go jogging by out my window, I feel like I should be with them, that I should be trying harder. It's amazing how much being here has challenged everything I've done within fat acceptance and health at EVERY size, and a part of me is wondering how long it will be before I give in and join a gym.  Beben Park is also a huge recreational area with a pool and ice rink and weight room. A different part of me is all "Jen, you've been wanting to rejoin aquabics forever! Go for it!" and I'm all "But would I be joining for the right reasons?"

I just deleted a paragraph of nothing but whining. Thanks for reading, folks.

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