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Indulgence: What's Your Style?

October 25, 2012

While wandering about the intertubes last night doing my best impression of a dairy cow and a bed I found this ecard, courtesy of HaHas for HooHas via HowtobeaDad.com. It was pretty fitting seeing as how Katherine missed her afternoon nap and was feeling extra needy and Gabe was also feeling extra snuggly and wanting to play. 

Sometimes all I want is to be alone-completely and deliciously alone. I don't need to be anywhere special for this to happen, I just want it to happen, for everyone to go out for a few hours and leave me the hell alone, to not be needed, called on, hugged, tugged, smooched, cried at or snuggled. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and I love my husband, but I need a freakin' break. Right now the only 'alone' time I get is in the shower; it's loud enough that even if someone's hollering for me I can't hear them, but I can only shower if A) Kat is asleep or B) Ryan is home and watching the kids. Taking more than 5 minutes in the shower right now is my biggest indulgence-to luxuriate in warm water and nice soap, to be alone with my thoughts for a short time.

I dream about going to a spa, having some time in the hot tub, then a massage and a pedicure, then a long soothing sauna. After all of that I go back to my room and curl up in a comfy chair by a picture window with a fabulous ocean and mountain view and read a favorite book while leisurely nibbling my way through a plate of various delectable things; soft cheeses, crackers that melt in your mouth, fruits on colourful sticks, and of course some sweets-nanaimo bars, two bite brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and more. Having read and snacked my fill I would nap, knowing nothing and noone needed my attention, and it would be good.

What's your biggest indulgence right now? What's your dream?

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