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Intersectional: Fat, Feminism and Anger

January 11, 2012

I've been following Fierce Fatties anti-Strong 4 Life campaign (that'd be the one with the horrible billboards that shame fat kids) and today at the blog Shannon has a peice up about being blocked by their Twitter account. In the comments, one reads in part "If you want your messages to be heard, and to be not censored out, then conduct yourself in a fashion that doesn’t give the opposition completely legitimate reasons to silence you."

Ok, number 1, there IS no legitimate reason to silence someone in a debate or argument (barring personal attacks or threats, obviously). Number 2? This 'watch your tone' thing is a silencing technique. Using strong language, including profanity, isn’t wrong or bad in and of itself. Being asked to talk calmly or ‘reasonably’ or ‘logically’ about something instead of being passionate or angry is something feminists and thier supporters get all the time. I’m sorry, but I can’t NOT get pissed when things get personal. I can't seperate myself into nice little boxes for you; woman/fat/mom/Pagan/etc. I am all these things all the time. Our fat bodies? Our kid’s fat bodies? That’s pretty damn personal and we’re not sitting by allowing S4L to think we support them. Our voices raised is SO much more important than whether or not we’re calm or logical. Silence is saying “This is ok with me”, and this campaign? NOT OK. It's complete and utter shit and the people who created it should be ashamed of themselves and need to be made aware of the damage they're doing. Along with phoning the folks below, please sign this PETITION up at Change.org against the billboards.

Linda Matzigkeit (doing interviews in defense of the billboards)
Vice President of CHOA
404 785 7824 (her admin’s number, so please be polite)

Stephanie Walsh (doing interviews in defense of the billboards)
Medical Director of CHOA
404 785 6104 (her admin’s number, so please be polite)

Kevin McClelland (who they direct you to for complaints about the billboards)
Public Relations Director for CHOA
404 785 7600

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