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It's All Tied Together

April 26, 2012

It feels odd, and yet somehow completely right, to write simultaneously in my day about abortion rights, fetal personhood laws, and my own pregnancy, not to mention fat and body acceptance and it's intersection with feminism. That is one BIG intersection. Some things I just want to put down here, with a more substantial post to come on Friday;

  • New coworker didn't even realize I was pregnant. "You don't even look it!" Me: O_o Really? Wow, I sure feel it, and notice the difference." Then again, I was pregnant 5 years ago, my memory may be a bit blurred.
  • Oh dear goddess make the morning sickness go away. I know it's one of those things that many women experience throughout, and off and on, I was just hoping to NOT be one of them.
  • Really need to get that body pillow. Mom in law recommends 5 pillows; two for my head, one for behind my back so I don't roll over, one between my knees, and one to semi-lay my belly on.
  • Tomorrow/today (Thursday) is my final ultrasound. I'm really really hoping to get some pics this time (I still have the one of Gabe from roughly this age), and next week discover the sex. Still hoping for a girl because I think it would be nice to have one of each. 
  • The discussion in the Fatosphere over racism, reactions to calling out racism, the counter campaign to Strong  for Life, have got me thinking about intersectionality in feminism and body politics, especially as it pertains to this M 3-12 business.

There's a new post up in the new M 3-12 section on that last point, and I would really love to get more photo submissions for the Tumblr, or even vlogs if you're feeling chatting and/or brave. Women's voices and those of our allies NEED to be heard on this loud and clear! Tomorrow is the big Parliamentary debate, or at least the first half of it, but sadly I'll be missing it due to work and the ultrasound.

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