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It's Saaaaturday! Life update

August 20, 2011

It's Saturday, still technically morning for me, and the beginning of 3 whole days off with the hubs. *squee* We haven't had this much time together since the move-in, and that was kinda stressful due to unpacking and setting things up, etc. He had a tooth pulled yesterday so he gets the day off today (huzzah for doctor's orders!) and oddly enough he's off Monday instead of Thursday next week. Not sure what we're going to do with all this free time together but whatever gets done, it'll be good times.

Still trying to find a home for one of our cats we left behind back in Ontario; he's currently with a friend but she's at her wits end with him and his aggressive behaviour towards her cats and howling like a banshee all night. I'm hoping to get a call back from my mom in law about a new home for him today, a place where he can be the only cat and get lots of love and pettin's. I know he wont end up in the Humane Society at least, so that's a weight off my mind.

Have been enjoying the walks in the evening and yoga. I found myself with a fire under my butt last night just before Gabe went to bed so I just went out and walked by myself. It was pretty awesome. There's a plum tree about two blocks from here that's just *covered* in delicious golden little fruits that I hope the people who own the tree/property don't let it go to waste. I've had an idea for a while now for an urban fruit harvesting business so that food like that doesn't rot on the ground; instead it can be picked and either used by the person who owns the plants or turned into preserves AND/OR given to the soup kitchen(s) in town. There's no reason that it can't be done, I'd just have to figure out how to *do* it.

Last thing: Have been playing around with the code some more, hope you like the new font and colours! I know that the font size on the Fatosphere links and the P.S are very small and am working on making it larger for folks who might be having a hard time reading it. As always, thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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