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Jane Doe is Sexy!

October 17, 2012

Trigger warning for violence against women

Every year anyone with even the slightest awareness knows that women's Hallowe'en costumes and men's costumes are vastly different, in one very important way. Women's costumes are always sexy; the sexy pirate/nurse/teacher/fairy/witch/vampire/scarecrow/cat (and never forget the cultural appropriation costumes with sexy Pocahontas, Hawaiian dancer, Swedish/German woman, geisha, etc). I thought I'd seen them all and was equally able to ignore them all, until Fat Fox pointed out one via Facebook that takes ALL THE CAKES; the sexy Jane Doe body bag.

What. the. fuck. Talk about reducing women to nothing but parts, LITERALLY nothing more than a body. It's gross. It's utterly disgusting and holy creepy. Would anyone out there actually go out as a body bag, even a sexy one?  Feminish and Bust Magazine have both covered this as well, pointing out that this is the result of the rampant violence against women. It's SO COMMON that we have a costume for it.

Is it ironic or just sad that October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month? With one in three women enduring some form of violence in their lives, (that's over a BILLION women), this costume is, at best, in terrible taste. At worst it's perpetuating violence against women by laughing at something everyone should be taking dead serious.

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