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Junior Sizes

February 10, 2011

Yesterday I was at the mall desperately searching for Something To Wear for the show while waiting for my hair appointment.  I managed to score a fire engine red skirt (with pockets!) for $5.99 at Fairweather and some cute earrings (3/$10 at Ardene's) before wandering into Smart Set looking for a shirt.  I tried on two XL shirts, one button up, one halter style, and was asked by an associate while changing "How're you doing?"  I grimaced, paused and said "I'm not all that impressed with your "extra large"."  On the button up, I couldn't do up most of the buttons.  On the halter? It wouldn't even begin to fit over my boobs.  I only wear a D cup!  She mentioned something about how the sizes had changed recently and as I came out another older associate, more my size, said "Oh yes, everything is in junior sizes now."  I dryly remarked "So this is a children's clothing store?"  She said no no, it just meant that the manufacturers don't make clothes for women with a bust or hips.  We looked at each other, both busty and round and I said "Well, I guess I wont be spending money here anymore."  She nodded and said "It's not you, you're fine the way you are.  It's them."  And she's right. 

Generally I fit a 16-18, the biggest I've ever worn, the biggest I can find off the rack in some stores at the mall, places that especially advertise that they carry from 0-18, sometimes even in petites! (I've got short legs).  Most stores only go up to a 12 or 14.  It's disheartening and frustrating, and I realize it's only a fraction of the shit women bigger than me go through every single time they go shopping.  At least I can still find SOMETHING.  At least to the manufacturers and designers, I exist.  For women wearing a 20 or a 32 or bigger, it's specialty shops, higher prices or ordering online, where you're never 100% certain that what you bought is going to fit or look right when worn.  After yesterday's experience, and knowing that I've gained weight and therefore my spring and summer stuff isn't going to fit, where should I shop, Fatosphere?  The only plus-sized clothing store I have in town is Addition-Elle.  What are some good online stores that aren't too expensive?  I'm ready to take the plunge but I need your help. 




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