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Labour Day laziness

September 6, 2010

Well ok, not really.  Yesterday I cleaned the house until I was sweating in order to get ready to have friends from out of town over for a BBQ, and today the hubs and I went through Gabe's too-big pile of clothes in his closet to see what he's got for school this fall.  Thanks to a friend of ours who gave us a bag of stuff from her oldest boy, Gabe's well stocked on shirts and pants, even hoodies!  That'll save us a bunch this fall and I love the feel of gently-used but well loved clothing.  As the younger sister I got a LOT of hand-me-down clothes growing up and me and my sister still swap stuff on occasion.  I have an I <3 Nerds shirt that I LOVE I got from her, as well as a few dressier items for interviews.  I wonder if she's got any shoes I could have...

Someone asked on a thread on Facebook why we celebrate Labour Day.  This holiday isn't as well known as a lot of other stat. holidays so allow me to wax poetic for a moment.  We take time off on Labour Day in honour of all the men and women who fought and won our right not to be under-paid and over-worked, the ones who died on the picket lines fighting for the right to strike, to be safe on the job, to not be fired for no reason and to not be hired because of gender, race, sexual orientation, marriage status, etc.  We have a day off because of them, their unions, their fighting spirit, thier courage and I am grateful, maybe more grateful for this holiday than for many others.

Stay tuned for changes to the blog's focus and possibly the theme as I move towards more child/ren, fat and parenting centered postings, as well as an interview I did with Shannon of Atchka! a couple of weeks ago.

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