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Late night conversation

September 17, 2009

Last night I stayed late at the university after class for a sustainability talk.  We kicked around ideas for getting LU more environmentally friendly and green, ideas like getting rid of all the styrofoam and plastics in the food service areas, expanding the composter and gardens, things like that.  My comments about expecting more from my world, expecting a better place and wanting to leave a better place for my son, were well recieved. :)  Much thanks to Liss at Shakesville! 

Afterwards, as I was talking with Beth about the Food Bank (somewhere I want to volunteer but she already has enough people), we got to talking about campus activities.  I remarked that I wish there was bellydance offered and she said there is, just not through school.  We chatted about bellydancing, something I've done a bit of though not professionally, and I made the remark that of the friends I'd joined with, one thin/athletic, one average and one big, I was small fat.  She gaped at me and said "What? You're not fat!" And I said, well, technically I am.  According to the numbers, I'm a fat person. (My BMI puts me in the obese catagory).  But it's ok, fat is just a descriptor of a characteristic of mine, like you have red hair and I have blue eyes.  It's just extra tissue.  And that was that.  I wonder if it made any kind of an impact, to have someone talking with her who was comfortable with their body, to say 'I'm fat' and not say it in a way like "I'm fat! *sob*" or "I'm fat! *angry*" 

Off to the Food Bank now to help out with the hot lunch they're doing today, then groceries!

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