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Listening to our Bodies

July 27, 2012

Yesterday was a rough day (that'd be Thursday). Wednesday night me and the hubs didn't get enough sleep at ALL so all day we were dragging our butts. After the babysitter left Ryan went to get changed out of his heavy work clothes and ended up having a nap. I made dinner and hung out with Gabe, and poked Ryan to see what was up. He said "I came in here to get changed, but I felt like lying down, so I did. I just listened to my body." So I left him alone. Ryan woke up long enough to eat, then went back to bed until this morning at about 7. I stayed awake last night *just* long enough to make sure Gabe was also asleep, then went to bed as well. I had a hard time falling and staying asleep but I don't feel so sandy-headed this morning as I did yesterday, that's for sure. Ryan was up with his alarm and no complaints and was even able to make conversation; usually he's quite the morning zombie. For me, I was driven from my comfy covers by visions of hot buttered toast and hips that said "enough with the laying on us!"

When Gabe woke up, just in time to say bye to his dad, he said "When I woke up this morning my belly was telling me I was hungry!" So I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and made it-waffles, an orange, cheese and a glass of milk. He's finishing it all off now as I write.

I love that my family is listening to their bodies! I love that we honour our needs as they come up (as best we can) and will be taking this level of awareness and love of self with me into the next stage of our family life when Katherine comes along. We'll honour her needs to sleep and eat and be held, or not, as they come up, and help her to always keep listening to her own body cues instead of learning to ignore them as so many kids do.

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