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October 18, 2009

While I was home for Thanksgiving weekend, Gabe discovered the tape measure.  We had a lot of fun measuring different things and using it as a sword or whatever it was he was doing with it while he was waving it around.  While the tool was out, Ry and I measured each other and surprise! I'm taller than I thought!  Apparently I'm five foot six, not five foot three like I've thought for a while.  Then I saw an article in the Fatosphere today titled "BMI and Stupid Assumptions" and thought "Wait a minute; if I've gained 3 inches, what does that do for my BMI?"  So I found a calculator and found out; I've moved from the obese to overweight catagory.  Magically my overall health has suddenly improved!  My risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease and all the rest is suddenly lower!  Woo! [/sarcasm]  Seriously though, this is yet another example in a growing body of evidence that using BMI as a tool to ascertain how healthy a person is, is bunk.  In honour of that, I decided to finally post some pictures of myself that were taken earlier this summer by a woman I've known since grade-school. 

The only intent behind posting these images is to show what an average sized (see size 14) woman looks like; the average woman is fat.  That's really the point of this blog-the average woman is fat, and usually she hates herself for it.  She's desperate to lose weight, to be something she's not.  It's a sad state of affairs, one I hope to change, even a little bit! by writing here.  To the left The Gallery is now up; any new photos will be put there.  

Why am I headless? I'm not sure-originally this was going to be an anonymous blog but that changed as soon as I started writing it.  However, with becoming a teacher coming up, posting pictures of oneself on the internet could be seen as controverial, so headless I am.  I know, it doesn't make a lot of sense, seeing as how I give away all my info in the About Me section.  I'll work on it.  For now, there they are!

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