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Mini weekend update

May 1, 2011

It was a very busy week last week; Ry's going away party, his actual going away, finishing up my CESD certificate for sure, a clothing swap Thursday night and job hunting during the days, plus taking care of my son. Oh yeah, and dinner with my folks and sister's family Wednesday night for Easter and spent Easter Sunday with Ry's family.  The weekend has been quiet this weekend; a visit with my sister and her new puppy yesterday and today just hangin' out with Gabe. 

It's been surprisingly easy to have Ryan away in Nanaimo and he's loving it there. I'm surrounded by the familiar and a warm, sunny time of year (except for all the rain we've been getting) so it's been pretty good.  Don't get me wrong, I'm counting the minutes and dollars until we can see each other again, but for now, distance just makes the heart grow fonder.  The pic below is kinda how I imagine our reunion, only the train is a ferry boat.


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