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Mmm butter: Ditch the low-fat diet

January 26, 2011

Some good news for butter lovers today (I'm sure I'm not the only one!): it's time to ditch the low-fat diets (and Diets in general) and embrace such lovely things as butter, avocado and olive oil, and essential fatty oils like the ones found in fish. OM NOM NOM.  Why? Because not only are they delicious and make for good baking and cooking, they're essential for your health.  Culinate's article touches on some things I've said in the past (especially how important fats are for brain development) and reveals some new info that I didn't know before, stuff like this:

"Many researchers, however, have rejected the saturated-fat-and-cholesterol theory as a cause of heart disease, because more than 60 percent of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels and the majority of people with high cholesterol levels never have heart attacks. A study published in August 2010 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that if saturated fat in the diet is too low, it can lead to an increased risk of death from stroke.

Another fat, however, is being implicated in poor health. A study conducted at the Wynn Institute for Metabolic Research in London examined the composition of human aortic plaques. It found that the artery-clogging fats in those who died from heart disease were composed of 26 percent saturated fat and 74 percent polyunsaturated fatty acids."

Human created polyunsaturated fats are, quite possibly, squarely to blame for the supposed obesity epidemic, or at least the parts of it related to heart and cadiovascular health.  Combine these new fats with our Western obsession with high-fructose corn syrup aka fructose-glucose that's in everything from bread to ketchup, and you have to start to think ; gee, maybe fat acceptance folks are on to something!  MAYBE it's not how much we do or don't work out, or how much we do or don't eat, but WHAT'S IN OUR FOOD and how it's made, that really matters.  MAYBE, just maybe, we need to get back to producing local food as organically as possible and stop giving HUGE subsidies to the monocrop agribusinesses, and we need to make sure that the food that's locally made is getting to local tables, not shipped 3000km away to be sold to someone else.  There's a thought.

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