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Mmmm vacation

July 11, 2010

The family and I just got back from a week long vacation at a local inland lake.  The only drawback to the whole week, besides the usual swarm of mosquitos and some serious humidity at first, was that we couldn't swim in the lake.  We had to drive and find a new one, but that was ok because oh my was it ever nice there.  ^__^  I took my two-piece bathing suit with me (I think it's called a tankini) and swam to my hearts content with hardly a care about what I looked like in it or who was around.  My friends who were out there with me didn't care and neither did I.  A couple of years ago I would've grabbed a one piece that hid my belly but this time I felt comfortable enough to wear what I really wanted.  However! I must admit that last time I was at the public pool with a friend and his daughters, plus my son, I wore my one piece because I knew it was going to be busy and crowded and I didn't want to feel self conscious all the time.  Not every day can be a great day. Anywho, I did a lot of swimming, took a long walk with the wee-man and found some raspberries, rowed the boat around a bit (ouch my left arm is WEAK!) and generally loafed about.

Sometimes it's hard for me to allow myself to wear things that I want because I know how harsh people can be in their judgements of fat women in tight clothing.  I don't have much of a sense of style but I know what looks good on me.  Some days I'm the Queen of Frump, others I can dress up and 'get my girl on' with the best of them.  When I got to camp I had just finished handing out resumes so my long grey dress pants and pretty purple embroidered shirt were way fancy; the makeup too.  Most of the rest of the weekend was spent in shorts, capris and t-shirts.  These things are standbys in my summer wardrobe, as well as a pair of skorts I picked up since I can't seem to find shorts that fit me.  Blue jeans, cargos and cords are also good friends of mine. I own exactly one summer dress that I consider not-too-fancy for day-wear but it's black which means heat.  Blah.  Thinking of heat, my train of thought has melted.  Maybe more later.  In the meantime, you should head over to The Obesity Timebomb blog and see if you have anything written/to write for a special edition of Feminism and Psychology that's coming out next year.  Submissions accepted until November!

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