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Mom puts 2 yr old on extreme diet...for life

October 21, 2010

Before I have even drank my coffee this morning I found a link to an article in the UK's Daily Mail that has got my rage on.  I'm sure I'll move on to pity shortly. 

A short excerpt:  Corleigh (the daughter) has been on the regime since the age of two and is allowed just 700 calories a day – 1,000 fewer than recommended.  Miss Gilardoni insists she is acting in her daughter’s best interests, saying: ‘Being over­weight dominates my life. I don’t want Cor­leigh to be like me.’

The mom? Looks like me, but taller.  She has a BMI of 36.  The. horror.  *headdesk*  She is ruining her daughter's health and her life by 'training' the kid to only eat 700 calories a day.  She'd rather her daughter be anorexic than obese.  Where is Child Protection Services in THIS case? The UK has a horrible track record for punishing families with overweight kids, why not now, when this mom is obviously hurting her daughter?  Double-standard, much?  Guh.  Have at it in the comments, folks.

Edited to add: I seem to be unable to post comments today.  Thank you everyone for the feedback!

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