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Moody Monday

October 25, 2010

Maybe it's the gloomy weather/lack of sun and this particular time of year, but I'm feeling a touch sensitive today.  Boo for that.  In lieu of an actual post, some links:

Are you on Facebook?  Twitter? I am, and I was a little appalled this morning to read that there's a program out there that allows anyone on an open wi-fi connection to have their internet easily hacked.  It's called FireSheep.  Thankfully, someone's already got a patch for Firefox users that's quick to install and easy to use. 

Roundshape has a nifty post up today highlighting a couple of things she saw at PostSecret over the weekend.   

NAAFA has a brief bit of coverage up on an interesting study that shows that bigger (male) babies grow up to be bigger, stronger menfolk.  I guess that explains Gabe's size-he ate like a horse and we never held back.  I didn't know that babies have the same amount of testosterone as adult men!

My three favorite webcomics updated today!

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