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Moved In Monday

March 4, 2013

Well we made it; we're now safely esconced (for the most part) in Colwood, a wee tiny community just west of Victoria, BC. The less said about the actual move, the better. The new suite isn't much bigger than where we left, and lacks storage, but at least I have my own washer, dryer and dishwasher again, and can go outside onto a really nice trail whenever I like. It's probably a half mile to the ocean, but I can't get to the shore because of development; after following the stream down to the park's end I tried to get to the beach but found nothing but private property between me and it.

Still, it was a really great walk/jog and I enjoyed getting to know the environment. The kids aren't adjusting as well, unfortunately; Gabe is giving us a lot of attitude about everything and doesn't want to go outside and explore at all, even though this great trail runs literally right behind the house. Katherine doesn't want to nap and is up a lot at night again. I figure she'll settle down sooner than Gabe will. Tomorrow we get to enroll him in a new school and all that.

So that's what's new in JeninCanada land. How about you?

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