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Moving Day

June 30, 2012

Today is moving day. This time last year I was frantically trying to pack up my little 2 bedroom house in Sault Ste. Marie and about to embark on an epic six day journey across half of Canada to move here to Nanaimo. Ryan found us this gorgeous house in a great location and we've been very happy here. It's been a quiet year, with most of our struggles being in the mundane and internal realms. We've been blessed with good health, amazing new friends, employment, and all in a place that never ceases to amaze me with its lush greenness, mountain views and ocean pools.

The last few months of uncertainty and waiting, combined with my pregnancy, haven't been easy, and I'm glad they're behind us. It's not fun not knowing where you're going to live, or when, or with who. We've learned our lesson about home-sharing and roomates, that's for sure. Most of my pregnancy is behind me, and thankfully the morning (ha!) sickness has gone with it. Looking ahead to the next few months we'll be preparing for Katherine to arrive, baby shower, Pagan Pride, welcoming the baby, mine and Ryans' parents coming to visit in September, Gabe starting grade one (I can't believe it!) and maybe another change in Ryan's work to something with FedEx. I'll be off for a year and will get to do what I've never really done; focus on being a mom almost exclusively. There's still going to be a lot to do for the Circle, and I plan on joining the ATC's postulancy program sometime late this summer/early fall, but my biggest challenge, and hopefully joy, will be learning how to be a mom to Katherine *and* Gabe, while also learning and growing as Ryan's partner as he grows as mine.

Our five year anniversary was last Saturday and the day passed quietly, as it often does. There have been a lot more 'bad' times than good ones for us in those five years, a time when I didn't think we'd make it through together, times when we've lived apart for months, times of struggle and poverty and downright despair. I am hopeful that these challenges have all cropped up so early so we can sit back as the years go by with that wisdom under our belts and be peaceful and happy as a family, and I know that they make the good times, like these quiet ones, shine. So far Gabe's age has shielded him from most of the bad stuff; he's been simply too young to get what's been happening, but lately as we've been talking about this move we've  had to explain to him that we simply don't have the money to stay living in this house. It's one thing to say 'no' to another new toy or pack of Pokemon cards because we don't have the cash, but it's another thing to try and explain to your kid that you have to move to a smaller, less desirable place because of finances. He wants to help but doesn't understand that the dimes and pennies in his teddy bear bank just aren't enough.

So today is moving day. Legend of Korra is done on Ryans' computer so Gabe wants breakfast. Our friends will be arriving over the next few hours to help move the last of the things and to clean up, and this afternoon will be spent at the apartment unpacking and putting things away. Much will be left in boxes and totes as we're not sure how long we'll be staying there; we're hopeful to have the means to move back into a house sooner rather than later, and honestly there's just a lot of things that *don't* need unpacking. Tomorrow maybe we'll go to the beach or something, if it stops raining, and Monday is Canada Day so happy Canada Day to any of my Canadian readers. Have a lovely weekend, stay cool, and I'll be back to regular writing sometime next week.

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